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Welcome to AnxietyAwareness.com, a site designed for people suffering from an anxiety disorder and panic attacks. Run by a naturopath with extensive experience in both anxiety and panic attack treatment, this site will offer on-going advice to sufferers of anxiety disorders / anxiety breathing and to their families.

AnxietyAwareness.com relies on up-to-date clinic-based research for panic attack treatment and generalised anxiety disorder. Our information will help you deal and spot panic attack symptoms to give you back control in your life.

You are not alone... anxiety disorder and panic attacks are becoming increasingly common worldwide. A growing percentage of our population will experience anxiety disorders enough to disturb their everyday lives.

Its time for change... this website is a global anxiety disorder / panic attacks support network designed to tackle the problem physically, mentally and emotionally. Use the information, attend the workshops and discover the therapies THAT WORK!


This 50 minute workshop is designed for people suffering anxiety disorders and panic attacks. View it in the comfort of your own home at a time that is convenient to you.

Watch a sample of our workshop video...

Watch Anxiety & Panic Video

I thank AnxietyAwareness for the empowering realisation that my anxiety was predominantly a physical condition that I had control of.

After viewing the workshop I felt instant hope and relief. I could feel first hand the difference and finally begin my journey into a calmer and more rational 'me'.

"Dealing with Anxiety: The Workshop" NOW AVAILABLE ON DVD!Dealing with Anxiety - The Workshop video DVD

Video workshop topics include:

1. Breath Work
2. Nervous System
3. Diet and Nutrition
4. Emotional Well-being

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Telephone Consultation

anxiety phone consultations What is covered in a consultation?

AnxietyAwareness.com offers both a telephone consultation service, and face-to-face consultations to respond to the demands of people requiring ongoing naturopathic care.

This is run by our naturopath, Despina Kamper, who has extensive experience in treating anxiety disorders and panic attacks. Despina runs regular support workshops around Australia...
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