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The most common question I'm asked by patients in clinic is:

"Can someone completely recover from an anxiety or panic disorder?"

The answer to this question is, yes. I often wish patients could be a fly on the wall in my clinic to witness how many other patients DO recover.

This is what prompted the production of this online workshop and dvd entitled ‘The Workshop’. Once we understand the way breath and the nervous system interplays with anxiety we can begin unraveling the disorder. This workshop are the ‘tools’ in which ALL my patients use to overcome anxiety.

Yes, it is possible to completely recover.

"The Workshop" (online or DVD)

This 50 minute workshop is designed for people suffering anxiety disorders and panic attacks. View it in the comfort of your own home at a time that is convenient to you. Please allow enough uninterrupted time in an area big enough to lie down to participate in some movements/exercises. You will have access to the workshop to watch again and again. To view the video online fill out the form on the right of this page. To purchase a copy of the workshop on DVD, please visit products section.

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Content of Workshop

The workshop is in four sections:

Breath work


Shortness of breath and hyperventilation are key symptoms of anxiety disorders. This section of the workshop covers how hyperventilation occurs and demonstrates breathing exercises designed to re-balance your carbon dioxide and oxygen levels.

Nervous System


In this section we take you on a journey looking at the basic functions of the nervous system and how anxiety exists within it. We introduce you to various movements and simple exercises to promote an overall effect of calmness.

Diet and Nutrition


Diet and nutrition play a major role in producing anxiety symptoms. Learn which foods are beneficial and which herbs and supplements are specific to your symptoms.

Emotional Well-being


It is without a doubt that some of our thinking patterns trigger anxiety and panic attacks. Learning to re-train this thinking is a valuable tool in attaining emotional well-being. In this section of the workshop we look at how your thinking patterns brought you to a state of anxiety and show you steps to take to turn this around forever.

A printable 'workshop handout' is available at the end of the workshop which includes the information and exercises covered.

This 50 minute workshop costs ONLY $35 ! (AUD) + GST.

  • This website is NOT promising the impossible, "guaranteed relief of anxiety and panic" - although hundreds have gained complete relief
  • This website is NOT insulting the medical profession or any other profession as their science has enabled us to develop these therapies, and we are grateful for that.
  • This website is NOT making outrageous claims as being THE therapy for anxiety - as there never is a single therapy that works for everyone. What works for one may not work for others.

We ARE claiming that:

  • This is an outstanding educational online workshop. We believe that understanding exactly what is going on in your body is the first key to undoing any disorder.
  • We are 100% legitimate and certified in our field.
  • You will receive techniques and exercises that will give you confidence in the journey back to a stabilised nervous system free from anxiety.
  • Our information has been trialled by our naturopath who has had over 7 years experience specialising in this disorder.
  • Our naturopath is highly qualified and recognised in this field of anxiety and who continues to dedicate her time to the research of the brain, mind and nervous system.
  • believes in ongoing support for long-term relief. We have set up online consultation services that will give you support one to one. This has proven to be hugely successful.
  • THIS WEBSITE IS MADE FOR YOU and has evolved purely from the demand of clients requiring this service globally.
  • You have absolutely nothing to lose and so much to gain by viewing and participating in our on-line workshop.


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I thank AnxietyAwareness for the empowering realisation that my anxiety was predominantly a
physical condition that I had
control of.


I always hoped time would heal my panic attacks. Then I realised it only made them worse. I am ever so grateful for the information and on-going support from AnxietyAwareness in teaching me ways to overcome my fears.


After viewing the workshop I felt instant hope and relief. I could feel first hand the difference and finally begin my journey into a calmer and more rational 'me'.